The Background of Education – Students and Teachers

In most countries, education is divided into main three parts: primary school, high school and college or university. Education is a process of learning new things in life. Education includes new knowledge and skills. The basic of education is reading, writing, calculating, speaking and listening.

There are two types of education. The first is formal education and the second one is informal education. Formal education means a student is needed to go to an educational institution and achieve good result during the end of the education processes. Informal education means new knowledge is being taught throughout a person’s life. This includes knowledge, skills and values taught by parent or other people except from teachers or lecturers. The examples of values are obedience, honesty and fairness. It is being taught everywhere, every time. It is usually being taught from one generation to another generation. They can use it during their daily life.

A student is referred to a person who pursues his or her education in all walks of life. Anyone who is studying in a particular of time is called a student. This is regardless of age. There are two types of students that is a full time or a part time student. A full time student is a person who is studying on a full time basis. The main occupation is as a student. A part time student is a person who takes studies as a part time occupation. They normally have a job in the same time. This includes studying at a night school taking an English course.

Students need to understand the knowledge given to them. They are later assessed by exams or tests. Exams and tests are being done to test the understanding of students.

There are many types of names we refer to a person who is giving education. For example, a teacher for primary and high school, a lecturer or professor in college and many other more. The main responsibility of a teacher or lecturer is to assist student in the studies. They are paid for their services. Therefore they should teach students sincerely and patiently.